Are You a Creative?

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Are You a Creative?


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Creativity seems to be like a stamp that is on our identity. You have one or you don't. That means that if we have the creative stamp then when it is not used a creative can feel it in a lack of self worth or a loss of identity. If our DNA slants us as a creative type then it becomes a part of who we are to create what is in ourselves. We aren't just creative we are a creative. 

The creatively geared folks when frustrated can feel half alive or useless. It's time to unpack the creative process and help creatives be able to fully operate within their strengths. Being understood by those who are not wired creatively can be a large societal chasm to cross, especially in today's workplace.  The world will benefit from creativity being used to it's fullest when we can understand the great things that come from an unbroken creative process.

 Some basic things that we can forget when we discourage our creatives: 

1. Creativity can improve our quality of life.

2. Creativity can solve everyday problems.

3. Creativity can help solve social problems.

4. Creativity can make life interesting! 


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